about rae rae + co.

We are so happy you made it to our little shop! We are just two fire wives & mamas (+ our mama!) making our place in the world of small shops.

When we set out to create a small shop in the Spring of 2021, we didn’t realize how it would evolve and change into something we feel so passionate about.
For us, the creativity and joy of picking out unique patterns is what we hoped for, but the idea to just sell items didn’t feel complete to us. So we began exploring what would make this a different experience for us and for you.
Quarterly, we feature one foundation or cause and a portion of profits will be matched by rae rae & co and be sent to the featured organization.
The best part of it all is that by purchasing these pretty little bows, you are helping to pay it forward and learn about different causes along the way.
We believe our children will learn from the things we do and model for them.
We believe in taking care of our planet, so our children and their children will be able to enjoy and thrive in what we leave behind. You will find this in our packaging.
Let’s be honest, it’s the part that gets immediately discarded when you get your purchase. Our sustainable mailers are 100% compostable or biodegradable, leaving a smaller footprint. That makes us happy! We believe passionately and wholeheartedly about making our world a little better every day!